Car Maintenance Checklist | How to Maintain a Luxury Car Yourself

car maintenance checklist

So you dream of having a luxury car and work hard to get it in your garage, but the thought of damaging it is more painful than the pain went through to actually acquire it. You need to have a car maintenance checklist in order to have a smooth functioning of your luxury car.

Owning a luxury car is everything you ever wanted and more but the love towards the cars need to be displayed by how you treat it. It’s nothing like getting a luxury car and not caring about it. Full attention should be given to a luxury car for it to look fresh and shiny. Otherwise, the luxury in it may lose its value.

There are certain things that needs to be taken care of for maintaining a luxury car. This guide will help you keep your ride in prime condition and let you know how to maintain your car, even in the worst condition.

Here are the few car maintenance checklist that can help you keep your cars sleek and shiny.

Car wash | Car Maintenance Checklist

car maintenance checklist

The dust, mud, rubble and other materials may deteriorate your car. Careful car wash is must to keep cars fresh and shiny. It is also important to wash cars in order to maintain the performance of the cars.  

But frequently washing car with water and detergent is also prohibited. This practice may damage the paint and forms rust in metallic parts. If the car is just covered with dust, you just need to wipe the car with slightly soaked cloth. The dent paint of the car lasts longer if you do so.

Check engine oil 

car maintenance checklist

Engine oil keeps the performance of the luxury cars in track. The lubrication helps the engine perform smoothly. Checking the engine oil of luxury car from time to time  is a must. If the engine oil indicates half the maximum capacity, refill it back. This sustains the luxury cars performance.

The choice of engine oil should be according to what is specified by the car brand’s model. Try to avoid engine oils that are not recommended.

Care for your tires

car maintenance checklist

How would you imagine a car without any one of its four tires? You literally need all the tires to run a car. Therefore, taking care of tires are equally important. Wear and tear of the tires depends on how long have you driven for. More the distance traveled, more damages tire bear.

While maintaining tires of luxury cars, air pressure should be maintained as per prescription in the manuals. Air pressure should not be below or above the level required. For that check the air pressure level required for the car or consult with the experts. Likewise, if the tire wears and tears, it should be replaced immediately. If its tread shrinks to 1.5mm or less, new tires should be replaced.

Condition of the Clutch

car maintenance checklist

A clutch is also a major factor for luxury cars engine to smoothly function. Clutch is the one thing that the driver is constantly engaged with while driving. Therefore, checking the condition of the clutch is most important. There is a standard process to adjust clutch of luxury cars, but it is advised to leave on the hands of the experts or mechanic.

Check your car batteries

car maintenance checklist

Batteries might not look like so important. But, ignoring car batteries may have adverse effect to the condition of the car. Checking the terminals of the batteries to make sure that they are tightly screwed and blemished is highly recommended.

Level of electrolyte must remain full. If not, distilled water can be used. And if the battery gets older than three years, it should be replaced. So care must be given for maintaining batteries as well.

Braking | Car Maintenance Checklist

car maintenance checklist

Imagine you are driving a car and at one point your brake does not work. This is the worst scenario when you are driving and the car in front of you stops abruptly.

Driving a car with brakes not working is risky and dangerous. If you feel some difference in the way your car stops, then the brake needs to be adjusted. For your luxury ride you can take to specialized brake service providers.

Maintain servicing schedule

car maintenance checklist

In reality, even the most fundamental services like the changing of oil are are created so that your vehicle can give perfect execution. To avoid these services would be a gigantic folly on your part! It could lead to malfunctioning of different parts, which combine to make significantly more concerning issues for you. It is reasonable to deal with these issues freely, yet numerous people don’t have the free time required for it. Thus, sending your vehicle in for help should reliably be on your radar.

You can, for instance, fix the vacuum AC in your vehicle pretty viably yourself, yet many of the car owners would lean toward experienced hands to play out this errand. Ignoring such services can be hazardous as these issues may store up to render your vehicle not functional.

Cars should be taken care no matter how expensive or inexpensive it is. All cars should be treated with love. The lasting of any car depends on how you take care and maintain the car. Therefore, make sure to keep you car in optimum condition for a better ride.

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