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The wheeled motors is a website for the car enthusiast who wants to get informed and updated about the latest luxury car brands around the world.

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luxury car brands

Today the luxury sedan has come along way. Nothing can beat the classiness of driving a luxury sedan cars. The list of luxury sedan cars is added by many luxury car brands. Be it due to high competition or increase in demand for luxury sedan cars, get updated with all the news and information related to luxury sedan cars here.

luxury car brands

Like luxury sedans, luxury hatchback cars are also on the full go. These days, luxury hatchbacks have been an alternative for compact SUVs. Riding a sedan or big SUVs on city rides are not preferred by many luxury car dwellers. Therefore, without compromising the comfort of luxury and easiness of small cars in the city, luxury hatchbacks are dominating the city people. Get to know all the news and updates of luxury hatchback cars around the world here.

luxury car brands

Get to know about all the updates and information of all the luxury SUVs around the world here.

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